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Spyre Rosana

Spyre Rosana

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(Pronounced: ROSE - ANA)

This is the same Polyester surface as the Kamek with a slightly firmer Soft base

Differences from the Kamek

  • Color change to Pink
  • 4mm reduced to 3 mm thickness
  • New rubber base (Slightly firmer to Kamek)
  • Printed logo instead of heat transfer
  • Stitching closing join moved from middle right side to top left corner
  • Packaging tube increased 1cm in diameter for a better unrolling


  • XL size 480 mm x 400 mm (width x height)
  • 3 mm thickness


  • Polyester Soft Surface (Exact same as Kamek)
  • Soft Rubber Base 


  •  Taffy Pink 
  • Control Pad
  • Smooth Glide
  • Printed Logo
  • Stitched Edges below surface level


  • This Product comes with a digital Customer Reward Code
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